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Thread: 1.14 incoming - New world!

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    1.14 incoming - New world!

    The 1.14 release seems imminent and luckily, game breaking bugs seem to be mostly fixed.
    We'll have ourselves a brand new world about one week after the release, the exact date will be announced here early enough.

    For those who haven't been there for this kind of event: you will only keep your inventory and ender chest content.

    So save whatever you need in an ender chest - the new shulker boxed give you a lot more room!
    And well, remember to keep an ender chest in your inventory and some good armor and food so you don't die with it in the new world.

    Update: April 23rd is gonna be the day!
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    The release is now officially scheduled for April 23, and that announcement is early enough so I can make this announcement:
    As soon as I'm home on April 23, we will have a new world!
    Veasna - trance music from out of space! (SoundCloud | Facebook)

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