The source code for The CLQ is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007. See the included gpl.txt for more details.

The zip also contains needed tools (e.g. QStat) having their own licence stuff.

This source code was never intended for distribution. It is written explicitly for the servers which ran The CLQ and will need studying and many modifications to get it working.

For more information or help getting this to work please use this thread.

Hyperlink to download the source code:

Some tips:

  • The BLOG gives a step by step of how The CLQ was constructed. This might help understanding the source code:
  • The CLQ requires a lot of tools. Some are included in the ZIP, others are part of Linux or extensions for PHP. The SYS_Test () function (can be found in /ags/lib) can be a great help in seeing what is needed and testing if it is configured properly.
  • You need to search the source code for ??? and replace those with valid values. E.g. for testing certain things working game servers are needed.
  • The CLQ used to contain of multiple servers connected with RPC. Using it with a single server will probably require some chances to the code but most of it should be a matter of just letting the server call itself.
  • Overview (more documentation is in the source code):
    • /ags/lib/config.php How to add a new game.
    • /ags/lib/hq.php Queue list, queue related code.
    • /ags/lib/main.php Database documentation, logic overview, server classes, manual scanning.
    • /ags/lib/mypages.php Code to show all mypages.
    • /ags/lib/phpstat.php Test code.
    • /ags/lib/proc.php Code to (re)start transform, manual name fix test, graylist types.
    • /ags/lib/recalc.php Issues and fixes.
    • /ags/lib/rpc.php Example RPC call.
    • /ags/lib/rtstats.php Determine database size, test code.
    • /ags/lib/stats.php Code to (re)start data processing.
    • /ags/lib/sys.php Get disk space by removing old scan data, manual database fix.
    • /ags/lib/webmine.php Test code.

If you make improvements (e.g. make the code more generic) please give me a copy so I can make it available from here to everyone interested.