Current version: BattleRPG V10.2

BattleRPG won a Intel/Epic "Make Something Unreal" Best Mutator award. Epic Games producer Jeff Morris: "The BattleRPG mutator's incredibly elaborate leveling features make it stand out in my mind"

BattleRPG was also in the German PC game magazine Gamestar!

Released: June 27 2009

A completely operational RPG for UT3 which supports all UT3 game types!

Features levels, experience, Mana, magic weapons, artifacts, player classes (optional) and full ability management. BattleRPG is highly customizable. Includes Galtanors Invasion and UT3 Invasion and custom versions of BattleRPG made to work together with them.

With BattleRPG each player gets a persistent level and persistent experience. This means the server keeps a database and remembers your achievements permanently. For each point you score you get experience, if you have enough experience you go to the next level. Besides experience and levels you also collect Mana. Mana is not persisent, if you leave the server you lose your Mana. Mana can be used for artifacts and for the Ultra GIB and Quantum weapon magic.

For each level you get some RPG$. With those RPG$ you can buy abilities like Health bonus, Weapon speed, Vampirism and Quick foot. BattleRPG also has magic weapons like Quantum, Bounce, Knockback and Ultra GIB. BattleRPG also has artifacts like God Mode, Spiderpig and Mana Gambling.

Download: BattleRPG V10.2 (includes instructions, source code and Galtanors Invasion).

Older versions: BattleRPG V10.1, BattleRPG V9, BattleRPG V8, BattleRPG V7.1, BattleRPG V6, BattleRPG V5, BattleRPG V4, BattleRPG P3, BattleRPG P2, BattleRPG P1

Custom BattleRPG HUD with magic, level, experience and Mana:

BattleRPG with Galtanor's Invasion:

BattleRPG menu where you can spend your hard earned RPG$ on abilities:

BattleRPG enhanced schoreboard showing PPH, Deaths and RPG Levels of all players: