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Thread: A New Dawn

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    New update.
    This one fixes the settlement boundary check. Settlements are also polygonal now (the "rectangularfied convex hull") and not just a huge rectangle around all plots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdinklag View Post
    You start with 1,000 plot points (for science!)
    Founding a new settlement costs only 250 per existing settlement (more science!)

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    New update!

    • Updated to Minecraft and SpigotMC 1.11.
    • The plot wand can no longer be used for any kind of crafting.
    • Plot owners are now added as settlement members so they can build in settlement areas.
    • You can no longer delete a plot if it would create a "hole" in the settlement.
    • You can no longer join locked settlements (e.g. villages).
    • Updated Dynmap details of plots and settlements (with flags and player faces).

    A bunch of internal things have changed as well.
    I think it's all kinda stable now. From here, I will be going more in a settlement and plot management direction, ie renaming, defining "town plots", rights, resizing plots, and of course gaining new plot points over time.
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    More updates! This is a fun one.

    • When you found a new settlement, you are its mayo. Mayors will be able to make settlement decisions.
    • Settlements can be renamed by their mayors using the /settlement rename command.
    • The settlement center can be changes by their mayors using the /settlement center command. Currently, this is not doing a lot, except define the spawn point for the Treasurer (see below).
    • Every settlement has a Treasurer NPC.
      • It's a villager whose only trades are for Prosperity.
      • Prosperity is accredited to the settlement he belongs to. This will be used for stuff in the future.
      • Only residents of the same settlement can trade with him.
      • He cannot pickup items and cannot breed.
      • He is invulnerable (except for players in creative mode) and should never despawn.

    • If the Treasurer gets lost or dies for some reason, any resident of his settlement can summon him using the /settlement treasurer command.
    • My custom commands and sub-commands have tab auto-completion now!
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