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Thread: A New Dawn

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    A New Dawn

    Test server:

    Source code for the DVG plugins:
    Report bugs in this thread or here:

    Because the shoutbox is probably a bad place to store information, for the first time in quite a while, I'm starting a new thread!

    One reason I'm so absent here is because UT2004 is dead and Minecraft can't be modded properly (Forge is horribly hacky, Bukkit was discontinued). But all the time I thought Bukkit was done for, it seems that SpigotMC kept the ball rolling. It's a spinoff of CraftBukkit, its API is compatible to Bukkit's and it's heavily optimized.

    Another reason I've been absent is because I'm working (in research, ie travelling), producing music (with doing live acts, ie travelling) and even starting a little music label these days, finalizing a first CD compilation (goa trance, of course). Lots of stuff to do, too much. I'll cut down on the music part a bit in the coming new year, because even though I'm pretty happy with everything, it took a bigger portion of my life than I ever expected, with all the downsides that come with that (stress keeping track of things, hard to focus on something properly, little time for friends and girlfriend).

    So enough about my life problems. I dug out my old Minecraft sources (Bukkit plugins) and I think I'm interested in running another survival server in the style of our Bukkit days - plots, multiworld, live map and other fun additions. You know I'm invested in this if I can let my creativity flow (see years of TitanRPG ).

    When? Once I see fit. Once I have time. I will finalize some things this year and take a break from them. I still won't have as much time as I used to have back then, but I'll try to be back here on a very regular basis.

    Where? Well, mine2 was a totally broken FTB server in the end that nobody but Sonicelo even played on. So my plan is to sacrifice that.

    So maybe let's dump ideas and thoughts here. Who's in?
    I see both nial and fails are still pretty active here and I'm very happy about that. Best team for doing this really.
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    Not the mine2 server!

    Well just joking, actually this post motivates me to maybe play MC a bit more now )

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    HomeSpawnPlus was a good thing on the server.
    It's still being updated somewhat under the radar:
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    I'm developing the DVGaming plugins open source this time under MIT License:
    If anybody wants to contribute, I'll be happy to add you. Of course, the fork / pull request way works just as fine.

    As you may notice, I started basic work on a new version of Plots, so I'll try to explain my philosophy on it. There are some key differences to what we had before. Please discuss everything, especially the open questions!

    Creating and managing plots

    • Every Resident (ie. Player) has a certain amount of plot points.
    • A Resident can use plot points to create (any number of) Plots. Each square block uses up one point. So for example, if you have 120 plot points, it's worth a 10x12 area of blocks, or 8x15, 6x20, etc. Plot placement has a few rules:
      • Plots cannot intersect.
      • They have a minimum size (to avoid abuse).
      • Plots are limited ?? blocks up and ?? blocks down on the Y coordinate at which they are created.

    • The Resident who created the plot is now the owner of the area. The following rules apply now:
      • Only the owner of a plot can place or destroy blocks, hurt friendly mobs or interact with anything (e.g. chests, buttons, etc.).
      • Strangers can move on the plot, but not do much more than that by default.
      • Hostile mobs cannot spawn or do any damage on the plot, but they will also not drop any loot or experience.
      • Only the owner can delete or resize a plot (see below) or set stranger rights.

    • The owner can name co-owners who can place, destroy or interact just like the owner, but not delete or resize the plot or give rights to strangers.
    • The owner can give certain rights to strangers such as using doors, buttons, chests etc. On the other hand, the owner can block any stranger to even move on the plot.
    • The owner can resize the plot. If the plot becomes smaller, the corresponding amount of plot points is returned. If it becomes larger, he needs to be able to pay the corresponding amount of plot points.

    Open questions (discuss! ):
    • How do Residents earn new plot points?
    • Should plots be limited on the Y axis? What kind limitation would be good?


    • A plot that is not nearby any other plots will automatically create a Town.
      • The name of the town will be picked at random.
      • Plots created near the town will be grouped into the town.
      • A town spans all plots that belong to it plus a border of ?? blocks.

    • Within the town area (not within the plots that belong to the town), the following rules apply:
      • Only residents that own a plot in the town can interact with the town area (place, destroy, use chests, kill friendly mobs etc.).
      • Hostile mobs cannot spawn or do any damage within the town area, but they will also not drop any loot or experience.

    • Residents can define a Town Spawn which is the destination of town portals.
    • Residents can lock down the town so no new plots can be added to it. This means that no single plot can be created near the town either. Only players that receive special permissions will be able to join the down.
    • Villages (ie those generated by Minecraft) will automatically be made a locked down town, ie protected from any harm excluding zombie attacks.

    Open questions (discuss! ):
    • How exactly are lockdowns decided? I would prefer a free concept of towns, so there should not be one mayor able to decide everything (unless he's the only town member, of course). An option would be to use a voting system with a timeout (to consider offline players or players who just don't vote).
    • How large should the town area be around its plots?
    • How large should the town joining area be? Or: how far away does a plot have to be to create a new town?

    Technical aspects

    • Plots will use WorldGuard regions internally to protect areas. WorldGuard is still being developed and works perfectly, so no need to reinvent the wheel here.
    • Much like in WorldEdit, a free wand item and some visual aid effects will be used to select areas.
    • Like before, Plots will contain an inbuilt Dynmap extension to draw rectangles on the map and a Multiverse extensions to allow portals to towns.
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    It would be easiest to have a Town Major for all towns, When a town reaches a certain amount of residents and plot size; The first resident will be major, or one can be chosen.

    Y axis for the plot should be from Max height to bedrock, It will discourage mining in city area.

    Something I was thinking is that you can make difference between settlements, small towns, and "big" cities.
    where a settlement would be; just a few residents, maybe up to 3 or 4.
    A small town would have more residents, but also more rights and privileges; Like a bigger town area around the houses, and a portal to the mining wold.
    A city will have an even bigger area around its houses, but also access to a HUB (if these things will be around again).

    Plot points can be earned by a login bonus, playtime. If plausible points can be earned by working on your town itself.
    Maybe give plot points to all residents when a town accomplishes something; Certain size, Gets promoted to new class(settlement/town/city), or makes a railway connection to a nearby town.
    Some other town objectives can be community buildings where a minimum off certain blocks are needed to complete them. For example; a library where 20 bookshelf blocks and a item frame containing a book.
    As another reward for these buildings a villager with the right profession can be spawned in that building.

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    About the problem with the voting system you mentioned ingame,

    Maybe set a time limit (48 hours) for all "active!" residents to vote.
    All players that have joined the server in the past 2 or 3 days will have the right to vote. (You where able to record activity IIRC)

    The voting will stop once a majority has been reached by either "yes" or "no" voters.
    This way the voting can stop within minutes when many players are online, but also be used when only a few players are online at that moment.
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    Good idea: the more residents a town has, the more plot points it produces for them over time. That would motivate people to join a town instead of just doing their thing (although that would still be possible).

    As for town-wide decisions (e.g. locking or unlocking the town), I'd like to avoid having something like a "mayor".
    We have a had a history with people who play frequently and then quit from day to another, including myself...

    That makes voting very painful, too. It would suck if you have to wait 2 or 3 days because people are currently not online or just not willing to vote (which may also be a problem from my experience).

    Another thing to think about:
    Say we have a town of 3 plots and the residents build something in the center for all town members. Nobody should be able to claim that as a plot, so we'll need something like town plots. Same problem here: who decides them?
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    That voting system is a problem indeed when you have to wait 2 or 3 days, but its also quite fair.

    When it comes to town plots;
    What about using that system but changing the moment of voting. Like using destination plans. Players can point out different areas they like to be reserved as town plot.
    They'll appoint the plot and its destination (what it will be). During the voting process players can already start building there if they are confident it will pass (since no one can claim parts of a "reserved" town plot), or work on something else until the "reserved" town plot has become an "official" town plot.

    When a reserved plot becomes an actual town plot it should be plausible to refine the size of the plot to fit the structure. This should be done by the player who appointed this plot.

    Additional things.
    * How often a player can appoint a town plot. (to prevent spam)
    * Include reasoning while voting yes/no to see for other players (No - I don't want a noisy chicken farm next to my house)
    * Give players different ranks for each town they live in, to make difference between players who can build and break blocks on town plots, and new players who can't. (to prevent griefing)

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    Plots snapshots will be running on now.
    The dynmap is running here:

    Report bugs here:

    I'll post updates in this thread. Since this is the first update, the following features are implemented already:

    • Receiving the Plot Wand using /plot wand.
    • Selecting an area using the wand.
    • Joining a settlement by creating a plot inside it with /plot create.
    • Founding a new settlement by creating a plot outside another settlement.
    • Deleting an owned plot using /plot delete.
    • Villages are automatically made settlements.
    • Hostile mobs can't spawn in settlements.
    • Plots and settlements have default WorldGuard access rights (ie only owners / members can build, use stuff, open chests, hurt animals) and protection (e.g. from Creeper explosions).
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    I just installed an update.

    • You start with 1,000 plot points (for science!)
    • Founding a new settlement costs only 250 per existing settlement (more science!)

    Issues fixed:

    • Villages count against settlement inception cost (fixed)
    • Different message when founding a new settlement fails (implemented)
    • Selected area calculated wrong (fixed)
    • Creating a plot from far away problem (you now need to stand in the selection area)
    • Doors and chests in villages (could not be used, can be used now)
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