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Thread: October 30th 2012 - Ending The CLQ

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    October 30th 2012 - Ending The CLQ

    I just canceled the servers for The CLQ. I expect it to be running for one more month (until November 30th 2012). So if there is something you want to keep, e.g. your personal stats, download it now! Copies of various versions of The CLQ over the years can be found here:*/ (slow).

    Running The CLQ is costing me over 2500 Euro per year and I want to stop spending that. I could go advertising or donations, but I don't think the site is popular enough for that and also I prefer a no nonsense approach with these things.

    The DVGaming.COM server with this site, the UT2004 and Minecraft servers will stay online indefinitely.

    About The CLQ:
    The CLQ has been tracking about 50,000,000 gamers on about 1,100,000 game servers for 14 years. The original CLQ site (stats) was made by me (Nico "BattleMode" de Vries) with help from UCC, T. "MAJOR PUNKatron[CYBA]" Boersma and Mark "Painless[pd]" H. The second CLQ site was made with a lot of useful input from the DVGaming.COM and Titan online gaming communities and from Nico's colleagues from OpenIMS / OSICT. The total traffic count is at 242,180,072 page views since 1998. For more info on the second CLQ site see a copy of the homepage and a copy of the about page.

    EDIT: The full source code for The CLQ can be found here:
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    Nice project this was! Never knew it had been around for that long, impressive! So are the numbers, 250 million views is quite some.

    Good call on getting rid of it though, the costs seem hilarious even for a hobby. Although I'd probably spend similar amounts on mine if I had them.
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    I subscribe to the above. It was a nice project. But really "all good things come to an end" (c) Xfire
    Good luck in your other activities, Nico de Vries and thanks to all who supported this project over the years!

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