• Xtreme Halloween XIII

    Fellow UT2004 players!
    Tomorrow, on October 25, we will start our annual Halloween event on our TitanRPG VCTF server: Xtreme Halloween XIII !

    Those of you who know our Halloween events might already have a clue about what's coming. Here's a list of facts:

    • TitanRPG VCTF
      The event will take place on our TitanRPG VCTF server ( ut2004:// ). We play Vehicle CTF with TitanRPG, the evolution of UT2004 RPG mods.
    • Over 30 new vehicles!
      All vehicle spawn points are modified to spawn a random variation of the original vehicle everytime it respawns. These range from slightly altered versions of the original vehicle (e.g. various Scorpion variations) to complete and over-the-top fun stuff like the UFO. Variety and madness assured!
    • Over 20 new weapons and other goodies!
      At random spots on the map, you may be lucky enough to pick up a "pumpkin". These pumpkins contain goodies - which can be RPG experience, usable artifacts, a monster companion that will fight by your side, or one of over 20 new weapons that we handpicked for the event, including close-to-normal weapons like the Ripper, the NoSkliz Wave Flak Cannon, super weapons such as the Vortex, or completely insane stuff like exploding Nali cow launchers or even cats!
    • Random monster invasions!
      Every year around the Halloween season, filthy creatues randomly decide to intervene in our VCTF games with one goal and one goal only: causing HAVOC! Fight these evil monsters and earn a good amount of experience!
    • Halloween VCTF maps!
      We collected quite an amount of Halloween-themed maps over the years and modified a bunch of popular maps ourselves. Some of those maps are exclusive to this server and a new one is created every year, including this year.

    As you may have expected, there are a bunch of packages that you will automatically download when you join the server. Those amount to roughly 100 MB in total, which should not take a lot longer than a minute or two thanks to our fast redirect and today's broadband connections.

    The event will last through November 3. Join the discussion on our forum to leave feedback or ask questions: http://dvgaming.com/showthread.php?3...Halloween-XIII

    We hope to see you join and help us populate the server to enjoy some rarely before seen UT2004 madness!
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