• About DVGaming.COM

    We are a friendly gaming community devoted to playing fair and having fun. Everyone is welcome, but please follow our rules.

    What is DVGaming.COM?
    It's a web site (the one you are looking at right now), several high speed servers running all kinds of games and a community of people who are having fun playing those games. DVGaming.COM also hosts some mods and games.

    Until February 2007 there was an Unreal Tournament 2004 server running Onslaught and a RPG mod made by Mysterial (who now works for Epic). This server was called Geisha's Suhsi club. This server was run by Geisha from the Reapers Bane clan. However Geisha ran out of time to run the server and decided to stop doing that. One of the players on the server, BattleMode (Nico de Vries), had so much fun playing on the server that he asked her permission to continue running the server. Geisha asked to rename the server so the server continued under a new name: #1 ONS RPG. In time new game servers where added and a new version of Unreal was released which no longer had the Onslaught game type, so December 2007 the domain was replaced by the more generic BigBattleServers.com domain (domain suggested by Fluffy/Dezz). In April 2008 Titan asked BattleMode to take over their RPG vCTF server which meant the Titan RPG vCTFserver became part of BBS. December 24 2011 we changed our name to DVGamine.COM to make it more generic e.g. for the new Minecraft servers.

    Who are the admins?
    Keeping the game servers friendly, fair and fun requires good admins.

    - Active game admins: They make sure everyone sticks to the rules.
    - Active server admins: They make sure everything is working and up to date.
    - Retired admins.

    Many many thanks go to:
    DVGaming.COM is using code and custom maps from pdinklag, Mysterial, Druid, Fluff/Fluffy/Dezz, Strifer, Shambler, Piglet, Jrubzjeknf, BrockSamson, Galtanor, Ae][McK, Wulff, Frostbyte, Thief^, uno_chaos, Jake and Jeffrey.

    Great thanks to everyone who contributed since they made all of this possible.
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