• ShootMania: Storm - Servers on DVGaming.COM?

    I guess it had a proper introduction here already.

    This is a very promising first-person shooter which can be compared to Unreal Tournament in regards to gameplay. It's a pure multiplayer game and comes with some innovative game modes.

    It is also possible to make maps for the game - not only is that possible, but it's part of the design. Almost every map you play is made by some user; the map editor is integrated into the game itself and makes it relatively easy to build something (albeit there only seems to be only one theme so far). Mods will be endorsed as it looks.

    Conclusively, this is a game we should try hosting servers for.
    The game is still in beta phase and those who didn't sign up for that (or got a key from somebody who did ) won't be able to play it yet, but this is a good opportunity to give it a try, especially since Nadeo just gave out new 30-day keys for the fortunate. It's due to actual release in 2012 still, but a date is yet to be announced.

    The dedicated server is available for Linux, a setup guide can be found here: http://wiki.maniaplanet.com/en/Dedicated_servers

    If I get a green light, I would like to give this a try and open up a beta BattleWaves server. BattleWaves can be seen as a mix of UT2004's Onslaught, Domination and Assault... hard to explain, but a lot of fun.
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      As Chumba suggested, could have a custom avatar. Tried to copy the font and stuff PD used for the forum logo on top but I couldn't find it so I made a rough example. :F

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      Tried this ingame but the url font size needs to be larger, it's fairly unreadable. So does the glow look like crap.

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      Locking this thread now. We should distribute the information in here into single threads for a better overview.
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